Lace on Lace

Top: Planet Blue. Shorts: H&M. Blazer: BR Monogram. Shoes: Givenchy. Jewlery: Chanel pin worn as necklace, kate spade, Tiffanys.
Sally said...

Love these shoes!


Flor de Maria said...

The whole outfit is fabulous! Those shorts, the booties, the necklace, the top...all of it....LOVES IT!

Annelie said...

Great outfit!! I have those shorts as well, love the boots :-)

MARI said...

hi blair,

this post is simply stuuning: clothes, photos everything. from now on SF and stylish you will be synonyms in my head. i visited six months ago and i loved that place. you guys have so much space there, compared to crowded europe. :)

mari x