Outfit One// Turtleneck: Zara. Top: RL. Skirt: Blaque Label. Tights: Hue. Socks: Madewell. Boots: Hunter. Purse: Coach c/0. Sunglasses: Karen Walker.
Outfit Two// Denim: Current Elliott. Top: Jcrew. Vest: Old Navy. Jacket: Jcrew. Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Flats: Jcrew. Purse: Coach c/o.
Outfit Three// Shirt: Saint James. Denim: Current Elliott. Jacket: Old Navy (old, but similar here). Sunglasses: Burberry.
Outfit Four: Jacket: Vintage Barbour (new here). Top: Madewell. Vest: Old Navy. Sweater: RL Denim & Supply c/o. Denim: Old Navy. Socks: Madewell. Boots: Hunter. Sunglasses: Karen Walker.
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Annie said...

gotta love the bright yellow coat and the bright red hunter rainboots. such fun colors for the fall season!

X. Annie


Ángeles said...

Como me gusta tu blog!!! Es increíble! Te sigo!
Las hunter rojas son preciosas!
Pásate por mi blog, a ver que te parece.
Un beso.


Meghan Caulkett said...

I grew up in Lake Tahoe and was so excited when I saw your pictures! I hope you had a great trip there!

Rai Tsolaridou said...

Snow! I am so jealous!
Your outfits are so amazing and so winter-ish, love them!

Joanna said...

love the layering you did in every outfit! love it!


gulsen said...

Hello,im following you for a long time. you have a great style, im saying that sincerely. Maybe you want to give suggestion to me.



itsawant said...

omg, so obsessed it's not even funny! can we switch closets??


InkedandSewn said...

absolutely breathtaking.. makes me want to go to the snow and tote around a fur coat..

xx Jess James

her persona said...

amazing pics. love the boots


Kelly said...

the boots are just fabulous!


Wonderful and Marvelous said...

Very pretty! I love your red Hunters and the yellow duffle coat!!
Greetings from Austria
Angi from Wonderful and Marvelous

Elvira Sadowsky said...

i really love your style, and your blog! the pictures makes me wanna have snow in denmark! (and i normaly hate snow!)



Elvira Sadowsky said...

love your style



Taye Anita said...

i love it!!!




Annabelle said...

Wow, that looks like an amazing trip! I wish I thought I looked that great while walking on the beach; I particularly love that shot.

Katherine N. said...

God, I love winter wear.

Sheila's Corner said...

The scenery in all these pictures feel soooo cold! I love the way the red stands out in the snow!

Clara Turbay said...

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MerelyMarie said...

Lovely shots & outfits! They belong in a catalog:)

ginswardrobe said...

I'm loving the hunters boot!!! I'm a new blogger please follow me!

Main Street said...

I just went to Tahoe this weekend! Not as much snow as when you were there it seems...still beautiful!
I did a post about it here

jolenesfashiondiary said...

Love your style!!!


peony said...

Great mood boost outfit for snowy days)

TaaFashionBlog said...

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At the end of Posts there are English text, so welcome to my blog :)


Anonymous said...

Love the crossbody!

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eleni said...

amazing outfit! love those boots! xx


sevgi said...

hello my friend,your blog is wonderfull.very very nice days

Valerie said...

It's already snowing there, wow! Nice pictures!

Just Like a True Star

elizabeth marley said...

I LOVE your look in the first photo. You almost have me wishing there was some snow around me! (Almost!)

**OnYxStA** said...

LOVE that bag!! <3


Blog Desde el Trópico said...

What a great pair of boots!

Liz said...

Great inspiration for a stylish winter!

Kayla said...

I was debating getting my own red hunters and now I am convinced I NEED them! So cute!


Christine Yun said...

All these pictures are so so gorgeous. I love your mix of colors within each outfit. Great looks, so much inspiration!


ms fashion street said...

love these outfits!great pictures!your hunter boots are amazing!http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

jenny said...

i love the simplicity of this post.

rachael said...

beautiful setting, beautiful outfits!

Anonymous said...

I love your red Hunter boots! What color is it called? I would like to get the same pair =]

Anonymous said...

Love your boots!. What color are your Hunter boots called? =]

Josie said...

I adore the red Hunter boots! - Josie

Anonymous said...

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