Puffer Princess

Jacket: Valentino Red (also here, love the bow back detail). Pants: DVF (similar here). Shoes: Prada. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Super Duper'. Lips: Stila 'Beso'. Necklace: Banana Republic.
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Jana said...

great jacket!

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pipa said...

Nice jacket!!!

Rita said...

Absolutely gorgeous and fun combination! Loving the 'princess gone 'street' idea. Modern day Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Wandering Minds

Olga Zgonnik said...

gorgeous coat!! so pretty


street art _life style_ fashion and co. said...

great outfit and amazing jacket :)

Breakfast at Cindis said...

Lovely coat love that it resembles a dress.

Breakfast at Cindi’s

Cara said...

That jacket is super cute you make it look so chic!
xo Cara

Mónica López Gutierrez said...

lovely shoes!!
new outfit on my blog!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

That DVF pant similar link went to a twitter link for me - not sure what happened - just thought you'd want to know!

Grace Beekman said...

SO cute. Love the shape of that coat! Looks darling!


Natali said...



oksanaarmee4ka said...

Beautiful outfit!

Rachelle (http://pinksole.com/) said...

I am in love with those Prada mary janes.


Vicki Wilde said...

Finally a puffer coat that is cute! So adorable and warm :)

<3 Vicki

I Showed Up In Boots said...

I wouldn´t expect any other puffer jacket for your style!


mrschanelO said...

that jacket is adorable. gimme.


Suzie Q said...

Great puffer jacket! Love the little bit of flare!

Suzie Q

Elena Aranda said...

Always perfect!!!!!


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Love the jacket and how you paired it.


Irene Buffa said...

it's gorgeous! <3 it

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Q said...

adorable Mary Jane shoes!


Hannah said...

Sooo adorable.
Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Maricruz said...

Very cute jacket xx


Mei Fleming said...

Puffers are TRICKY!! I like this one bc there's a feminine silhouette! The added BOW on the back is a sweet touch.

The military jacket...



Kinga Piotrowska said...

amazing jacket <3


Daryn said...

you are perfection! I'm never disappointed! Just fabulous at all times!

Lita said...

Love your coat!!!

Caroline said...

first person in the world wearing the puffer i like


Anonymous said...

The pant link goes to a weird twitter page. jb

Monika Faulkner said...

It's so rainy and grey in Vancouver this morning that this coat is looking like an especially appealing option (cozy as a down comforter, I'm sure!!) And Starbucks would hit the spot right now, too!! :)

Adele said...

Wow Wow Wow to the puffer. That's the first time I've ever seen a dress like, A line puffer & I love it!
Happy Halloween Blair xoxo

Sheila said...

Love your hairstyle!!

xo – Sheila
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P.S.LilyBoutique said...

Beautiful look! Love the coat :)


La Petite Olga said...

Such a great look!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Rougeuse said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! x


Dana said...

PERFECT. that coat is so cool!


Caitlin Inwood said...

Obsessed with this coat! I just got a similar one at Uniqlo for $100 in burgundy, can't wait to wear it!


Nikki Williams said...

love that coat!



shedreamsinperfectfrench.com said...

An actually flattering puffer coat?! Amazing!

Shani x

Monica said...

Great outfit!:)


sarahsreallife said...

I didn't know a puffer coat could be so chic! The flared bottom is genius.

~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Join the Take One, Pass it On challenge linkup!)

sarahsreallife said...

Who knew a puffer coat could be so chic?! That flared bottom is genius.

~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life (Join the Take One, Pass it On challenge linkup!)

Samantha Tananbaum said...

Most puffer jackets are so shapeless, but I love this one on you!


Casi said...

I love the coat! Stylish as always!


Leesa said...

Adore your shoes!

June Fifty Six said...

Your hair always looks so gorgeous!

Great outfit


Amparo said...

You are fantastic! Love your style!

You Are The One

ravenlocks said...

This look is perfect! I love your hair like that. Your Prada shoes are gorgeous <3

xo Azu


Anna Black said...

What a beautiful coat, such a great look!


bestrong said...

lovely outfit !
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Aurélie and Angelo said...

Love the coat!


Pualani said...

Your hair and glasses really give the ensemble a Jackie-O vibe! ^_^

Kristin Waldman said...

Love the coat. Very polished look!

S. said...

Beautiful <3

Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

I love your hair! So pretty!



FirANNA said...

Kurtka bardzo mi się podoba. Buty są piękne. Twoja fryzura to mistrzostwo świata!
a ja sobie szyję :):):)

Pilar said...

Que bonito ,es estupendo ir tan abrigada y ta guapa.
Un beso


Love the shoes!


Jessica said...



Joana Sá said...

Hi dear
This is a really stylish way to wear a jacket!!

Kiss kiss.*Jo

rocking lace said...

oh, that´s a cool design

This Exquisite World said...

Such a unique coat!


Anta Pal said...

sooo great!!absolutely perfect:-))

Sabrina said...

I love the silhouette of this outfit! It's feminine and sharp at the same time.


Nicola J said...

I'm not a huge puffer jacket fan but the shape of this jacket is just fab!


justin0414 said...

Never seen such a stylish puffer jacket before!

Walking, Talking Style

Lam Lam said...

Love this coat! Adorable :D


dana dimitras said...

Very nice jacket :)


Talisa Tossell said...

You can pull off the "effortless cool" look so well!


Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

What lovely jacket, the bow on th back is really pretty!

New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

Milex said...

the best

Flor Garcia said...

This jacket is super stylish!


Kimberly Ann said...

I'm normally not a huge fan of puffer jackets, but I seriously love this look! That jacket is like a puffer-peacoat, and I LOVE it! :)


Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

This puffer coat is SO cute!

Sparkles and Shoes

na-ta- ri said...

i like that outfit - its classy without too strong expression. good choice!

Xx from Bochum,
nana from na-ta-ri

Phuong Peitsch said...

That's a cute jacket :P. Your hair reminds me on Wendy's from Wendy's Lookbook!

Olga Choi said...

always classy and stylish!

MyBlondeGal on facebook
Insta: @myblondegal

Hanna Lei said...

You look so good in a puffy coat! -Hanna Lei

Rose charles said...


I am such a fan of your style. I love your blog, such an inspiration for me. I posted an article about you on my blog. I hope you like it.


Much Love!

Rose Charles

jas said...

i LOVE a great puffer jacket - so cosy and you can knock into things without hurting yourself :P

reckless abandon blog

Ladies in Navy said...

this coat is so fantastic!

Gigi Katz said...

love the hair and the coat is amazing too! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

Styleclouds said...

Fantastic jacket! xo, Christina


Bella Mason said...

Great look for winter!


NightOn said...

Lovely outfit! Love your style!

Pelin Onal said...

coat totally fits you


Lucy Mason said...

Awesome coat! xx


Andrea Cárceles said...

INCREIBLE!!! You look like a princess.Love it!!


Glamour House said...

What a great feminine puffer! And you did a great job styling it so it doesn't look bulky.


laura visone said...

nice look :D

TSO OTM said...

COzy and warm the perfect combo for a great winter jacket.

xx, C.

Sofia Donatelli said...

Great coat. You are ready for winter.

Happy Friday!


Evainny said...

Beautiful coat! I really like it.

Evainny´s Fashion Diary
New post: Fall in the City

Adele Dattola said...

I like too much your jacket!


Paola said...

Great look!

Mihaela said...

you look absolutely amazing!


Regina said...

Stunning coat love the hair do :)

Ashley said...

Gorgeous!! LOVE the coat..

Sincerely Miss Ash

katherine said...

super cute jacket
xox www.minkandivory.com

Denisa said...

Very nice coat.


Marle said...

I love puffers, actually! This one is so princess-ish :)

Susette said...

How fab is this coat! It is a perfect example of taking a normally sporty design and turning it into something chic and feminine. I need one for my closet.

--Susette of TrendHungry.com

Susette said...

How fab is this coat! It is a perfect example of taking a normally sporty design and turning it into something chic and feminine. I need one for my closet.

--Susette of TrendHungry.com

Orange You Classy said...

this is adorable!!


Tanya said...

Great look! How do you do your hair like that?


Pip said...

I really love the coat and how girly you made this look!
xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Nequéren Reis said...

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Julie said...

beautiful! you're like from the 50's!

Галина Похила said...

What a wonderful jacket! Like a bellflower :)


DB Mall 27 said...

In Princess Puffer's Opium Den Jasper draws back the curtain by Charles Allston Collins.

Champagne Sunday said...

That's one insane hair bump!



OMG I love that jacket! Gorgeous.

way2dress.blogspot.com said...

I love puffy coats. They are so warm and comfy.

Sasha Xiao said...

WOW, I'm so in love with the coat and how you styled it. :)
You look fabulous as always!




Mady T. said...

love the up-do!



Mozzarella said...

Very nice... :)


I dare you to be fashion said...


Valeriya Mamicheva said...

This Valentino coat is just WOW! Love it!


Maria Fossas Sala said...

amazing, you look really cool!
love your look:)


xannsplace.com said...

I could use a warm coat like that. Love it!

Silvi said...

Wonderful pics!!!

And your hair looks sooo great...!<3


Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

I've never seen someone looking more stylish in a winter coat! x

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Melanie said...

Really loving this look. Love the red pop of lipstick. You look absolutely stunning as usual

xo Mel
turquoise blonde

jolene said...

this is just too beautiful not to comment on. I love this jacket, it just speaks of classic beautiful city living, c'est tre jolie - en francais!! I want this!

jolene said...

this is just too beautiful not to comment on. I love this jacket, it just speaks of classic beautiful city living, c'est tre jolie - en francais!! I want this!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

this is lovely.....

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

AWolfinChicClothing said...

What a feminine jacket--I normally hate puffy winter coats but this makes me smile and want to wear it. xx awoo!

Lexi Lawrence said...

Only you could make a puffy winter jacket look so feminine and chic! I love the hair too!


Monika Basiaga said...

Amazing look!
Coat is so original! Love it! :)

Hedy said...

How do you style your hair that way?

h2hfashionblog said...

LOVE your hair in this post!!!


Olya said...

This is the classiest puffer I've ever seen and I love the way you wear it with pearls!


Roberta Mirata said...

beautiful coat :)


Arra A. said...

I didn't know that this jacker could be styled in a chic way! Wow!

Style Reader

Jenny said...

That jacket goes really well with the leggings and shoes - fab hair too!

Anonymous said...

A few things about this post - which I love. I've had these "bubbly pearls" as I call them from BR for maybe 5 years - the staple of many great looks. This was so true to my style I was compelled to order the coat. But now that I have it (and it runs waaayy small) I wonder if I should have sucked it up & ordered the puffer coat I have liked while avoiding all others - Max Mara anyone? Also the bow detail seems a bit stitched on & cheesy in real life.

TheBohoFlow said...

Love your coat its adorable!
Check out:
With Love,

zueribliss said...

Wow, you like Grace Kelly!

X zueri¦¦bliss

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Elisha Kelly said...

I really love her Princess coat. Wish I could have one. Find accessories that will add beauty to your outfit.


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The main advantaցe of cash advance loаns witҺ no employmsnt verification iss thɑt ʏou ϲan get theѕe loans, wheneѵer you need them withοut any
documents. Оnce people start using ϲredit to get things
they need, theу cаn get iin trouble when the bills start to come dսe.

Тhe money will autօmaticallу sends іn yߋur checking account within the matter of hours.

Any perѕon can qualpify fοг noo еmploymеnt veгіfication cash advance,
but tɦe only ϲгiteria that bаnks and financіal instіtutiοns need yοu too fulfill is thаt yօu should be more
than 18 years of age. Some people end սp рaying a lot mߋre than they expected, once they've signed a oan contгact.
Tɦere aгe may more reasons to take ߋut this type of shoгt-teгm funding,
but everyone is dіfferent. Prіvate lenders are
usually much morе flexible than banks when it ϲomes
to eligibility criteria. Tɦe pеrils of loans and rejected loаn aρpliсations have bеcomеoutdatеd based
on elegant innovations and high-risk investments bʏ top-notcҺexecutives who have investfed greаtly inn loans serѵices гenowned ƿɑуɗay loans.In addіtion, the majoritу latest
of theіr innovations is the quick ƿayday loan. Ѕіnce
it is avaіlable tto you via online, theгe will be noo faxing at all.
He should Ƅe willing to provide his ϲhecking aϲcount numЬеr, аnd the
accoսnt should bbe active for the past 90 days/180 days.
Unforeseeemeгgencies can arіsе anytime and leave yyou in a

Once our loanrequеst ɦas bden acсepted and you've agreеd to thе condіtions, the lender ѡillbе сapablе to deposіt the cash into yolur bаnk account.Life iis full of suгprises, eѕpecially when it сomеs to spsnding moneу.
The most experienced of people still go wrong at thеr гepetitiѵe tasks.
Iѕ it tickets tto the ƿlayoff? Herе агe tҺe main benefits οf payday lߋans: The prоcess of gеtting a ρaуday loan is vегy easy, comfoгtable and fast.
One of my friend last month was unablе to ƿay rent of Һis
room because of his bгothеr's maгriage he was not pгesent on duty for two weeҟs.

Hе has a ɡгеɑt passion fօr wrige on Payday Loan, Instant Payday loɑns, Payday Cash Advance, Loan tіll Paydaү.
Оh, ɑnd they can't charge үou аny additіοnal
feеs during this period eitɦеr.

Sttaуing well nurtured in tҺe home will alѕo dіrectly affect your career, аnd
iit сan spell trouble if yoս're facing nights withоut aiг conditioning or mornings
without ԝater to wash in. Вut tkday theү do not have to bother anyy
more as fог them a ѕchemе off Christmas loаn baɗ credit has come սp that
includes no crеdit cɦeck ƅy ѡhich people hqvіng
Ƅad credit recordѕ ԁuе to bankruptcy, ɑгreаrs, delays сan bbe еasily improvеd.

Let's сalmly examine both proѕ and alsߋ the cojs about the first
choіce capitɑl resoսгces: Ready? If someone needs more money than they
maƙe, it is difficult to get bacfk to ɡoߋd financial health.
In some mеthoԁs this coulod be understandаble given the risk of tҺeloan and the quіck
seгvice that thе lеnder has to givе.

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